What is slimming with G5?

The application of a rhythmic massage device with the help of a special device is called G5 slimming. This tool, which tightens with rapid vibrations, also eliminates cellulite. It is one of the most frequently used methods among spot slimming treatments. G5 massage methods are often used to treat stubborn cellulite. Lactic acid accumulates in the muscles over time. This method is also frequently used in the treatment of edema and spasms with successful results.

The accumulation of edema between the skin and adipose tissue is called cellulite. The substance in the body, which gives the blood its fluidity, leaks out of the veins. Slimming with G5 gives permanent results in this case. Cellulite is generally caused by:

  • Circulatory disorders due to different reasons,
  • The decrease in the values that provide the elasticity of the skin,
  • Excessive consumption of coffee and chocolate,
  • Pregnancy-related cellulite,
  • Cellulite due to inactivity.

G5 treatment, which has been applied for many years, has practically permanent and very effective results. From this aspect, this treatment method is among the primary choices of people. Feel free to contact us at any time for detailed information about the G5 treatment.

How is slimming done with G5?

G5 massage, which brings you the healing experience in many different areas, is a method that is frequently used especially in the treatment of cellulite. Problem areas are treated with rhythmic vibrational movements with a special device called G5. It is among the most effective treatment methods for both tightening the body and the rapid elimination of cellulite. It also helps to tighten the body, as it has a thrusting force. The treatment opens local connective tissues and accelerates fat burning at the same rate.

The appearance of cellulite, which cannot be eliminated with the help of a balanced diet and exercise, is eliminated in a short time with the help of G5 massage. Moreover, no surgical intervention is required during this procedure. The massage application, which is widely preferred among cellulite applications, is applied to the whole body at the same time. Weight loss with the G5 is applied to the hips, arm and upper leg areas. The application must be carried out by a specialist doctor. A special cream is applied to the area during the application.

In cases where the specialist doctor deems it necessary, cold lipolysis or needle lipolysis can also be applied to the area. This increases the permanence and effect of the procedure. Body lifting and drainage methods are also often applied in addition to the treatment. The application takes approximately half an hour. The massage is applied as minimum 3 and maximum 10 sessions. As a result, at least a maximum of 7 cm slimming is achieved.

How is slimming with G5 done?

Why the procedure is referred to as GS massage is a matter of curiosity. Since the name of the device used during the application is G5, this name has also been given to the massage technique. For many years, this massage method has come to the mind first when cellulite treatment is mentioned. G5 massage is also known to be very effective in spot slimming. The massage technique, which has serious benefits, allows you to experience regional tightening during the application.

G5 massage, which increases tightening after the application, can be used readily in areas where you have regional complaints. Furthermore, people with complaints about edema are also given weight loss treatment with G5 by experts. This healing method is also actively used to treat spasms. This massage technique, which accelerates fat burning, regulates local circulation. It helps speed up the metabolism.

The treatment also helps to have a robust blood circulation. After the G5 massage, fatigue and muscle complaints also disappear.

Why is slimming with G5 preferred?

G5 massage, which aims to remove excess fat and edema as a result of vibrating the body, also significantly eliminates complaints about fatigue. The treatment delivers satisfactory results in terms of spot slimming. The treatment eliminates wrinkles on the skin by accelerating blood flow.

The treatment prevents the appearance of cellulite by removing excess fat in the body. Slimming massage with the G5, which has no health risks, stands out as a method where you can get effective results in a short time.

What are the advantages of slimming with G5?

The advantages of slimming with G5 massage can be listed as follows:

  • In addition to preventing the formation of cellulite, it also eliminates the existing cellulite problem.
  • The treatment accelerates the blood circulation and strengthens the muscles at the same time.
  • The treatment plays an active role in relieving chronic muscle pain and spasms.
  • The treatment provides elasticity to the skin by tightening it.
  • The treatment tightens the body in desired dimensions.
  • The treatment is effective in accelerating the metabolism.
  • The treatment relieves chronic fatigue.
  • The treatment regulates the circulation.
  • The treatment ensures the removal of toxins from the body.
  • The treatment supports the development of mobility of muscles and joints.
  • The treatment accelerates fat burning.
  • The treatment provides local slimming.
  • In addition to slimming, the treatment is also effective in reducing cellulite. By using the slimming technique with G5, the level of lactic acid accumulated in the muscles is significantly reduced.
  • All areas where excess fat accumulates regain their normal appearance with this massage technique.

What is the impact of slimming with G5?

G5 massage, which is not a surgical procedure, allows you to comfortably get rid of local excesses. It eliminates the appearance of cellulite, which develops due to fat accumulation in a short time. In order to avoid any side effects after the G5 massage, this massage must be performed by experts in the field. It is dangerous for people who do not have professional competence to do this massage. During the procedure, it is necessary to know the direction of the muscles well and to adjust the strength of the application accordingly. Generally speaking, massage does not seem to have any side effects.

G5 massage can cause bleeding in people with varicose veins. At the same time, if it is not applied with suitable force, local bruising can occur. The issue of when the effects will be seen varies from person to person. If you go regularly at least 3 times per week, you can get effective results in a shorter time. The effects of massage should be supported with exercise programs in addition to a balanced diet.

The impact of G5 in Cellulite Treatment

A different massage nozzle is available for each skin type. During the G5 massage, rhythmic vibrations as well as the thrusting force are very important factors. After the vibration is given to the target area, the aim is to create the desired appearance by applying the thrusting force at the same time. It is frequently used both for spot slimming and reducing cellulite. The effects can be listed as follows:

  • It helps to reduce chronic muscle pain.
  • It is effective in tightening the skin.
  • It enables the metabolism to work fast.
  • It regulates local circulation.
  • It accelerates fat burning.
  • It increases flexibility in the muscles.
  • It strengthens the muscles at the desired rate

Prices 2024 for G5 Slimming

Researching the price of the G5 massage reveals that it varies according to some points. You should not be looking for the most affordable center for G5 massage. You should get this application done by getting professional support from people who are professionals in the field. This will help you avoid possible side effects.

Massage prices vary depending on the number of sessions. The number of sessions to be applied is determined in advance according to the needs of the person. Initially, information about session fees should be obtained while doing a price research. It is also professionally appropriate to check whether the establishment holds the required documents.

The minimum number of sessions has been determined as 3. The maximum number of sessions is 10. You can request an appointment with our specialist doctor to get detailed information about weight loss with G5.