What is Lip Filler?

Lip Filler turkey, is one of the aesthetic procedures preferred to make the lips fuller and more voluminous. Lips, which are the manifestation of beauty and expressiveness, give the face an aesthetic appearance. Filling mfaterials containing hyaluronic acid make the lips look full and voluminous.

Thin lips that have lost their flexibility are designed by reshaping with Lip Filler. The procedure is done in compliance with facial features. Thanks to Lip Filler, the lower and upper lips are given the desired fuller structure and the fine lines around the lips are eliminated.

It is better to benefit from current  medical aesthetic applications instead of dealing with make-up tricks to make the lips look fuller. Lip augmentation is one of the most preferred aesthetic procedures. It is quite easy to have desirable voluminous lips in 35-40 minutes.


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How is Lip Filler done?

Hyaluronic acid, which is used as a filler, helps shape the lip tissue as well as support it. Lip Filler is done by clinics approved by the Ministry of Health. First , local anesthesia is applied around the patient’s lips. Then, the filler used to shape the lip is prepared and transferred to the lip area with the help of injection.

Lip Filler is planned completely for the person and the lips are shaped in line with this plan. The process is usually renewed every 6 to 12 months. Lip Filler, which is a non-surgical procedure, can also be performed using permanent fillings at the request of the patient. The procedure is completed according to the will of the person.

Lip Filler is planned according to the thinness and length of the lips. In addition, asymmetrical lips are corrected with the filling materials used and an aesthetically pleasing appearance is  achieved. Those who want to have Lip Filler should choose the plastic surgeon carefully. Experienced and expert surgeons can realize  the look dreamed of by the patient.

Why is Lip Filler Done?

Lip Filler aesthetics, which is one of the medical aesthetic procedures, is done to improve the structure of the lips and give them a fuller structure. Lip augmentation, especially preferred by people who are not satisfied with their lip structures, increases their self-confidence.

Lips are filled with hyaluronic acid and hyaluronic acid-like substances used as filling material. Belotero balance, prevelle silk, hylaform are also substances used as fillers. In addition to these substances, fat tissue extracted from the person’s own body is also injected into the lips for augmentation purposes.

Lip Filler Treatment Methods

The details of the procedure is determined during the preliminary interview with the patient before the medical aesthetic procedure takes place. The same is true for lip augmentation. The patient’s volume loss and deformity are determined during the evaluation made in accordance with the functional and aesthetic structure of the lips, and the procedure is performed with appropriate treatment method. Lip augmentation treatment makes the lips look both natural and voluminous.

Skin loses its elasticity with aging. Therefore, volume loss is also observed in the lips. Lip Filler treatment, which is preferred by those who want to eliminate volume loss and look good, is applied by professional plastic surgeons. Aesthetic disorders and deformations in the lips are treated with lip augmentation treatment, and the face gets a youthful appearance.

After Lip Filler

Full and voluminous lips in the center of the face always make women look attractive and desirable. Lip Filler, which makes the person feel psychologically and socially good, is applied to people who are uncomfortable with their lip structure.

The patient is discharged on the same day after Lip Filler. Moving the lips excessively right after the treatment should be avoided. It is important for the success of the process to avoid contact with the area where the filling material is located with water and not to use make-up material for a day.

Redness, swelling and pain may be encountered on the lips during the first few days after the procedure. Such complaints are done completely within a few days. The most important action to be taken against such complaints will be to apply an ice compress to the lips on the first day. Antibiotic creams can be used with the recommendation of a doctor against the risk of infection after Lip Filler.

Lip Filler Istanbul Result

What are the Advantages of Needle-Free Lip Filler?

Needle-free Lip Filler is a painless application developed to make the lips fuller and more voluminous. Filling is applied with the pen treatment used during the procedure. The advantages of needle-free Lip Filler are as follows:

  • Needle-free lip augmentation is a painless procedure.
  • The patient will be pleased with the image.
  • It is a fast and reliable process.
  • It is the most suitable treatment method for people with sensitive skin.
  • The comfort of the patient is maximized during the application.

How Long Does the Effect of Lip Filler Last?

Lip Filler is one of the most preferred medical aesthetic applications by people with thin lips and those whose lips have lost their flexibility with aging. The lips get the desired voluminous structure with a personalized Lip Filler treatment. The filling material contains hyaluronic acid. Therefore, hyaluronic acid is excreted from the body after a certain period of time, and the lips return to their original state.

The permanence time of lip augmentation depends on the quality of the filling material used. Studies indicate that Lip Filler lasts between 6 and 12 months. Therefore, those who have lip fillers know that the filler is not permanent. Therefore, many people have aesthetic and full lips by having Lip Filler done  at periodic intervals.

Those who have had Natural Lip Fillers

The primary preference of women who want to have fuller and voluminous lips is Lip Filler. Medical aesthetic specialists who try to counter the needs and expectations of women have made Lip Filler  a popular application with excellent results. Therefore, the number of women who have Lip Filler  is increasing day by day. The fact that the procedure is painless and reliable increases its popularity.

Those who have had Lip Filler express their satisfaction after the procedure and guide those who want to have it done.  Those who want to have Lip Filler can benefit from the experience of those who have had it. They can ask questions about how the process takes place, what should be considered after the application, prices and permanence.

Women who are undecided in the choice of clinic and doctor can choose by getting ideas from those who have had Lip Filler. Hyaluronic acid, which is used specifically for Lip Filler, is a substance found in the body. Therefore, hyaluronic acid, which is used to make lips fuller, is harmless.

Is lip filler cheaper in Turkey?

Prices for dermal fillers in Istanbul are usually up to 50% cheaper than in other parts of the world, so getting the procedure here is a good choice.

Lip Filler Prices 2024

Lip Filler prices in private clinics and centers are among the most frequently asked questions for 2024. However, it is not possible to determine a precise price for Lip Filler. This is because the procedures are planned individually. The amount of filler is determined in line with the expectation of the patient and the filler is injected into the lip.

While some patients want to have fuller and more voluminous lips, other patients prefer medium-full Lip Filler. Lip Filler prices are determined by considering some criteria. These are the expectations and lip shape of the person, the quality of the filling material, the experience of the medical aesthetic specialist who performs the application. You can contact us immediately to get information about Lip Filler prices 2024.

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