What is Chin Filler?

Chin filler turkey, chin filler turkey has recently become a trend filling application in our country in line with the whole world. A jutting or receding chin or a long chin does not help facial features. Chin filler can be used to correct the faults and achieve an ideal chin structure, which is one of the most basic points of the face, and help facial features achieve ideal form.

One of the most important procedures that directly affect the image of the face is chin aesthetics. Chin filler turkey helps the face look better by eliminating discrepancies and gaps in the chin. Achieving a firm chin line starts with a clear indication of proportion. The chin tip, which is adjusted according to the facial contours, gains a more prominent appearance with chin filler turkey material.


Jawline & Chin Fillers Turkey


Before Jaw Filling

During the preliminary interview between the doctor and the patient before the procedure, the patient should clearly express his needs and expectations. Subsequently, the patient should pay attention to some issues before the procedure. Anticoagulants or coraspirin type drugs must be avoided for at least 7 days before the procedure. In addition, harmful substances such as cigarettes and alcohol can have a negative impact on aesthetic procedures.

Therefore, the patient needs to stay away from some products before chin filler turkey and prepare his body for the procedure. Likewise, the preferred doctor and clinic should first analyze the skin structure of the patient and check whether the skin is sensitive to the filling material. Otherwise, patients who are not approved by dermatologists cannot have chin fillers.

First face photos are taken from all angles of people who want to have chin fillers. Then, the patient and the doctor reach an understanding about a form that will provide the best proportions for the facial features. One of the most important stages of achieving facial beauty is to have a chin that is proportional to facial features. This angle must be optimally adjusted to achieve the golden ratio. Therefore, all preparations for chin filler turkey should be fully planned in advance.

After Chin filler turkey

Redness or swelling, albeit rare, can occur after non-surgical chin filler turkey. This is completely individual. Some skins will be sensitive and can be affected by the filling process. Touching the areas where filling is made must be avoided after the procedure and it needs to be protected against all external factors. For a day or two, the filling area should not come into contact with water and make-up should be avoided.

Is Chin filler turkey Suitable for Men?

Although chin fillers, which are among non-surgical aesthetic procedures, are preferred by women, they are also in demand by men today. Men want chin fillers to make their facial features compatible with each other. The prepared filler is injected into the jawline and chin area of men.

What material is used in jaw filling?

Medical aesthetic specialists are developing more and more successful results every day. Special filling materials that are compatible with the body are used in the light of developing technology Therefore, many aesthetic procedures are performed currently with filling material. Among these procedures, one of the most requested procedures is chin filler turkey.

The most important component used as a filling material is hyaluronic acid. This acid is already produced by the body. At the same time, hyaluronic acid is one of the most reliable filling materials. The hyaluronic acid in the body starts to decrease with age. This causes skin to stretch and sag. Polymer and calcium hydroxylapatite are used for chin filler turkey in addition to hyaluronic acid.

Does Chin Tip Filling Cause Any Problems in the chin after it is absorbed?

As with all filling materials, the materials used in chin filler turkey will be absorbed over time and lose their initial featureThe life of filling materials varies between 6 months and 1 year. After this period, the filling material is completely eliminated from the body and the chin returns to its original state. The chin is not left with any problems once the filler is absorbed.

Is Chin filler turkey Painful and How Long Does the Procedure Take?

Many people who do not want to undergo surgery and plastic surgery today prefer filling materials. Filling materials used for aesthetic purposes eliminate discrepancies and deformations on the face as desired. Chin filler turkey is not a painful procedure. First, anesthetic cream is applied to the patient’s face by medical aesthetic specialists.

Once the anesthetic cream takes effect, the prepared filling material is injected onto and around the chin with the help of a fine-tipped injector. The small injection tip ensures that the procedure is painless. The chin filler turkey is completed in 20 to 40 minutes depending on the extent of the deformities in the chin.

The chin, which plays a major role in capturing the golden ratio of the face, becomes prominent with the procedure. The prices in the Ekşi dictionary are personalized prices. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a medical aesthetic specialist or a dermatologist to obtain more accurate and clear information about prices.

Those who have had Chin Fillers

Chin filler turkey, which is made to harmonize the facial features with each other, helps the person to feel aesthetically more attractive and beautiful. Chin filler turkey, which is a reliable and practical application, attracts more and more attention every day. This increases the number of people who have chin fillers day by day.

Chin Fillers Prices 2024

Chin filler turkey, which is made to define the face and make the facial features proportional to each other, has recently become a trend application. The interest in chin filler turkey has increased the number of centers providing services in this regard. Chin filler prices have been updated in 2024 and are notified to the relevant persons during the preliminary interviews.

Those who want to have an idea about the prices should first call the clinics that provide services on this subject and have a preliminary interview. Chin filler prices are planned individually. This is because patients have different jaw types.

Therefore, the deformities of the person’s chin, the amount and quality of the filling material used, the experience of the doctor and the additional services offered by the clinic are taken into consideration in determining the prices of chin fillers. You can contact us immediately to get information about chin filler prices 2024.