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Microblading turkey is a process that is also used in permanent make-up processes and enhances the facial expression by giving the eyebrows a fuller appearance. The color pigments used in microblading processes are adapted to the eyebrows in accordance with the skin color.

Microblading is done on real eyebrows. The process resembles tattooing. It is also called the bristle technique. The procedure is performed by experts in beauty centers. You can also come to our center and give your eyebrows a unique beauty and a natural look.

Eyebrows are one of the areas that women care about the most. The right eyebrow shape can make a huge difference on your face. Therefore, choosing the right eyebrow shape is very important. Many women prefer microblading procedures to get aesthetic and natural looking eyebrows.

Having perfect eyebrows is every woman’s dream. It is very easy to make this dream come true. , Perfect eyebrows are achieved with the microblading process, which is the most popular service in recent years. This service, which is the savior of many women, attracts great attention by most people.

It would not be right to say only women, in fact, it is a highly preferred application for men who care about having smooth eyebrows. So it is not just an application for women. Men can also benefit from this procedure.

How Is Microblading Eyebrow Contouring Done?

We create an eyebrow type that is commensurate with the person’s request and facial features. First the eyebrows are plucked to put them into shape and then the gaps are filled to provide a fuller look. At this stage, the opinions of our experts are crucial since every eyebrow shape is not suitable for every face type.

Subsequently, the final shape of your eyebrow is given with the help of fine-tipped devices. The eyebrow contour is finished in one session. It doesn’t take much of your time. You will not feel any pain or discomfort during this procedure, which is carried out by professional people.

Who is suitable for Microblading Eyebrow Contouring?

The procedure is not applied to people under the age of 18, those with type 1 diabetes, skin diseases, cancer patients, pregnant and lactating women. We apply eyebrow contouring to every person who is free of these criteria. Eyebrow application can be dangerous in people with these diseases. That is why we pay great attention to these points. All others are free to benefit from this process.

What are the Advantages of the Microblading Eyebrow Contouring Procedure?

Eyebrow contouring has many advantages for women. Therefore, it is preferred by many women. In addition to presenting a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, you do not have to deal with shaping your eyebrows all the time and you do not spend hundreds of lira at the hairdresser’s.

The procedure also ensures a major financial advantage. In addition to saving financially, you will also save time by avoiding waiting at the hairdresser’s. Once the procedure is done, you can forget about your eyebrows for about a year and a half. The process is done in a short time. You get more natural and more beautiful eyebrows.

The eyebrows attract the most attention and are therefore given the most attention. Since the process is not permanent, you can re-make a model you want after 1 year. And there is less pain and discomfort compared to other applications.

People with a busy life usually prefer the procedure more often. This is because they cannot always find time to spare for their eyebrows during their busy schedule. Yet they do not want to compromise their beauty. The microblading process, which is extremely useful in this respect, ensures that your eyebrows stay beautiful for a long time in the chaos of life.

What to do after the Microblading process

After the microblading eyebrow application, you need to protect this area from water for about a week. This minimizes the risk of infection and ensures that the permanence of the color is extended.

You should avoid the solarium and exposure to the sun too much for a week or so a to preserve the permanence of the eyebrow color. It is of great benefit to come for a check-up 1 month after the procedure.

We need to be able to see the condition of your eyebrows and see if there is anything wrong. You should not use painkillers for 24 hours after the application. Avoid using peeling and skin care products for 2 weeks.

Care must be taken during these processes. These points are very important to protect your eyebrow color. Extremely hot areas and excessive exposure to water will not be good for your eyebrows. You need to pay attention to these issues for one week. You can then do whatever you want.

Is Microblading Harmful?

The microblading process is harmless as long as it is done by experienced people. You can safely choose the eyebrow contouring service we offer to you by highly specialized people. The materials we use are extremely skin-friendly and do not contain carcinogenic substances. All products used are sterile. We do the best for you by never compromising our quality.

There are no known and common side effects or harm. No side effects have been encountered in humans. Only people with certain diseases should avoid this procedure. Harmful effects can be seen in people with diabetes, especially cancer patients. Therefore, the procedure is not recommended for these people.

You can ask your doctor whether eyebrow contouring will be harmful to you or you can contact us. We can advise you in this area. This way, you can go through this process more comfortably.

How Long do Microbladed Eyebrows last?

How long the eyebrow contour application can be used is one of the most frequently asked questions. Eyebrow contouring  is not a permanent application. On average, it is possible to use microbladed eyebrows for a long time, such as one year. If you are satisfied, you have the opportunity to renew the process.

Eyebrows that have not been done with quality treatment can deteriorate earlier. This will shorten the usage time. If quality color products have not been used, the eyebrows have a tendency to  turn red after a while. Therefore, they can  become unusable.

You really need to work with a professional team to enjoy your eyebrows for a long time. It is possible to use eyebrows made with high quality materials and our professional team for a year or a year and a half without any problems.

What is the Difference Between Microblading and Micropigmentation Bristle Technique?

Microblading is a manual application by making incisions on the skin with tiny razor-like micro needles lined up side by side. Micropigmentation is done with the help of professional devices. Both are used to create aesthetically beautiful eyebrows.

Only the application techniques are different. What needs to be done to make it permanent is to apply the right technique for the right skin type. The choice is entirely up to you. It is possible to give your eyebrows the shape you want by choosing the method you want.

Why Do Eyebrow Colors Change in Microblading or Permanent Makeup?

The most important factor in the formation of color changes is the quality of the color used. Poor quality dyes cause the color of eyebrows to change over time. The lack of pigment is also a reason for color changes in the eyebrows. Such factors are effective in the discharge of eyebrow color.

Deteriorating eyebrow color turns into red or green tones. You can contact us for quality service. Our service ensures that you get quality products and professional people for the microblading process.

How much does microblading cost?

How much does microblading cost? Microblading prices vary in beauty salons. Prices, which are usually between 500 € and 1500 €, vary between 250 € and 300 € when done by expert estheticians.

How Many Sessions of Microblading?

The eyebrows obtained by microblading have a permanence of 1 year to 3 years. Microblading sessions take 1 hour. At the same time, Microblading 3d bristle technique takes an average of 2 sessions.

Microblading Eyebrow Contour Prices 2024

Microblading prices vary according to the model and eyebrows that everyone wants. You will not have a hard time on the price, as it is a process suitable for every budget. Therefore, you can contact us for detailed price information. You can contact us immediately to get information about Microblading eyebrow contour prices 2024.

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