What is Nose Filling?

Nose Filler turkey, nowadays, non-surgical medical aesthetic operations are more preferred. Patients who are afraid and concerned about surgery prefer to have their deformities corrected with procedures that do not require surgical intervention. Nose filling is one of the most preferred medical aesthetic procedures. Filling materials are used to correct deformities in the nose and ensure compatibility with facial features.

Nose aesthetics is applied to the nose skin, cartilage area and bone structure of the person, and any depressions and cavities around the nose are corrected. The performed procedures also ensure that a thin nose is replaced with a more aesthetic looking nose. Thus, the nasal tip is lifted with the filling materials used while the nasal hump is reduced.


nose filling turkey


How is Nose Filling done?

No incisions or stitches are made around the nose for the procedure, so nose filling is applied professionally. Local anesthesia or anesthetic cream is applied before the nose aesthetics procedure, which is performed to eliminate deformities. This ensures that the patient is prevented from feeling pain and distress. Initially, the patient’s facial features and nose shape are analyzed in detail, and then filling material is used according to the plan.

Filling materials that are compliant with the skin are prepared to ensure a beautiful nose in a short time without feeling pain and suffering. Hyaluronic acid, which is used as a filling material, is injected to the nasal surface. Getting support from experienced people for nose aesthetics yields positive results.

Who Cannot Have Nose Filling?

Those who want to have nasal fillings should first get support from an experienced doctor. During the preliminary interview, the patient should express his request and find out whether the shape of his nose is suitable for the procedure.

The most important task for the doctor will be to learn whether the patient’s health status is suitable for a medical aesthetic procedure. People with allergies or sensitivity to the filler must be evaluated separately. The patient must first be approved by a dermatologist to determine whether the skin structure is suitable for nose aesthetics.

What are the Advantages of Nose Filling?

Nose fillings do not require surgical procedures. This is a great advantage for those who want to have rhinoplasty. Patients who do not want to undergo rhinoplasty can achieve a nose that is compatible with their facial features with nose aesthetics. Cavities around the main bone are filled with the application and nasal tip defects are eliminated with filling material.

Only anesthetic creams are used during the nose aesthetics procedure. In other words, the patient does not need to be put to sleep with general anesthesia like in rhinoplasty. Therefore, it is completed within 30 minutes. With nasal filling, the patient’s return to daily life is much faster. Therefore, no healing process is required.

How Long Does the Effect of Nose Aesthetics Last?

Hyaluronic acid-containing materials, which are used as filling materials today, last for 6 months to 1 year. Therefore, after a certain time, the nose returns to its original state. Nose filling is not a permanent procedure.

It Can Also Be Used For Revision Nose Aesthetics

Today, many people prefer plastic surgery to have the desired shape of the nose, which is located in the center of the face, to look good. Revision nose aesthetics means performing more than one procedure.

In other words, if the nose does not have the desired shape after rhinoplasty, the skin characteristics of the patient and any mistakes made during the surgery require surgical intervention again. Therefore, instead of undergoing another operation, many patients choose to eliminate existing problems with the nose.

Slight asymmetries and irregularities that occur in the nose after nose aesthetics can be corrected with filling material. Deformities in the nose are corrected by experts and no damage is done to the cartilage or tissues. If a personalized aesthetic operation does not meet the expectations of the patient, revision procedures are applied to the patient in line with the need.

However, the patient must wait for a certain period of time after rhinoplasty. The main reason for waiting is to allow the nose to take its final shape. Once the nose is shaped, any unwanted images and asymmetry disorders are eliminated professionally.

What is the Healing Process like in Nasal Filling?

Anesthetic cream is preferred for the patient for nose aesthetics, which is an easy and practical procedure. After the procedure is completed, the patient leaves the hospital on the same day and continues his normal life from where he left off. Therefore, there is no need for an extra healing process.

What Results Cannot Be achieved With Nose Fillers?

Deformities in the nose that bother the person are eliminated without the need for surgical procedures. However, nasal filling is not an alternative to rhinoplasty. The reason for this is that the hyaluronic acid used as a filler will be absorbed over time and the nose will return to its original state.

Therefore, nasal filling is a completely temporary application. Deformities in the nose, humps, nasolabial folds and flat noses are permanently fixed with rhinoplasty. Therefore, nasal filling is preferred only for mild deformities.

Nose Filling Prices 2024

Nose filling prices for aesthetic purposes are tailor made for each individual. Therefore, the patient first undergoes a preliminary examination. The processes to be done and the amount of filling material to be used are determined. After all the procedures are completed, the nasal filling fee is determined. You can contact us now to get information about nose filling prices 2024.