What are fashion nails?

Fashion nails is a beauty application that reshapes the perception of nails. Women who want to look well-groomed and beautiful are very meticulous about nail care. They spend time keeping their nails well-groomed. Healthy and aesthetic looking nails are desirable to most women. But sometimes it can be very difficult to achieve this look with natural nails. Fashion nails offers you the look in nails that you want. They should never be confused with false nails. False nails are less lasting and less useful than fashion nails. False nails do not integrate with natural nails.

Fashion nails are extremely effective in facilitating your life. It is possible to have well-groomed nails thanks to fashion nails preferred by women who cannot spare time for care.

Fashion nails are an application that is highly preferred by people who want to extend their nails for a long time and cannot. Nails tend to break or weaken during their growth. Therefore, it is not possible to have healthy and aesthetic looking nails. People with nail biting problems to solve this problem with the help of fashion nails. They attracts not only the interest of women but also of men.

How are fashion Nails done?

The appropriate technique and which nail type is suitable are analyzed by our experts according to the condition of your nails. It is a process without any difficulties. We start the process by applying protective solutions on the natural nail. The purpose of these solutions is to protect the natural nail and to provide better adhesion of the fashion nail. Then, the fashion nail is placed on the tip of the nail and filed as desired. Acrylic or gel is applied to the part outside the tip of the nail. Finally, the nail looks smooth and shiny as a whole.

Who can have Fashion Nails?

This procedure is applicable to people who do not have any nail disorders. Generally, people with nail-biting habits prefer fashion nail applications. The procedure is also very popular with people whose nails break constantly.

Fashion Nail models

Fashion nail models are quite diverse. We apply the models you want to your nails. We shape your nails in oval, blunt, almond nail etc. shapes. The model selection is applied completely according to your wishes.

Acrylic Nails

A special powder and a special liquid is prepared. Acrylic nails are applied to people with weak nails and a weak nail structure. If you have brittle nails, acrylic nail application will be more suitable for you. Acrylic nails, which are very durable, can be designed to the length you want. They are filled by filling the empty parts of the nails. The entire nail is covered. The adhesive hardens as it comes into contact with air. Thus, the combination of liquid and powder integrates with the nail.

Dipping Nails

The Dipping nail application is similar to the acrylic nail application. The difference is that the nails are matte and odorless. If you like a matte look on your nails, the dipping nail application will be a good option for you.

Gel Nails

The gel nail method is done by applying a special gel to the nails. It is more permanent and looks natural. Gel nail application is applied to people with strong nails. Gel nails do not dry on their own. They are dried with special beam methods. The gel is applied to the empty and thin parts of the nail to equalize it. Gel nail application is more preferred than acrylic and smart acrylic nails. This is because they look more natural. Gel nails look like natural nails.

Smart Acrylic

These nails consist of both gel and acrylic. Both materials have many positive features with their effect. Our Smart acrylic nail application is a very popular application. We also offer this service, which is of interest to most people.

How do fashion nails come off?

How the fashion nails will come off is one of the important questions. Whether they can be removed at home or not is one of the issues that people wonder about. They can be removed at home. But we do not recommend it. You can visit our beauty center at any time and have your fashion nails removed. We remove your fashion nails without damaging your natural nails.

Acetone is poured on the cotton during the fashion nail removal process, and placed on the nails. They are wrapped with aluminum foil and left for about 30 minutes. Then the aluminum foil is slowly withdrawn.

How long can fashion nails be used?

The duration of fashion nail use varies according to the growth rate of the person’s nail. Their usage period is around 4-5 weeks on average. However, the nails can be used for a longer period of time if you visit our beauty parlor for maintenance at regular intervals. We take good care of your nails so that you can use them for longer periods of time.

Things to know after Fashion Nails are fitted

Your natural nails will grow after the application of fashion nails. That is why you need to take care of your nails at regular intervals. When you try to remove your nails yourself, you can damage the natural nail. That is why you should not attempt it yourself. Care should be taken to avoid the possibility of breaking your nails. You can also have nail care after fashion nails in our beauty center.

Fashion Nails Prices 2023

Fashion nail prices differ depending on whether they are acrylic or gel nails. You can contact us for detailed prices and application information.

How Permanent are Fashion Nails?

The permanence of fashion nails is maximum 5 weeks. If you want this period to be even longer, the fashion nail application needs to be maintained. You can use the nails as long as you want if you car for them.

Fashion Nails or Gel Nails?

Both applications give very good results. The nail appearance you want is obtained by choosing the option that is suitable for your nails by our experts. Those who prefer a more natural look have gel nails. There are no big differences between fashion nails and gel nails. Both  options deliver excellent results and are applied by professionals.

Are fashion nails suitable for the ritual ablution of the whole body?

Fashion nails do not have a negative effect on ablution and ritual prayer. Fashion nail application is agreeable with ghusl. When the hands are washed, the result is clean hands. They do not present a problem in terms of religion.

How long do fashion Nails Last?

You can use them for as long as you want if they are maintained at regular intervals. They will not last long if they are not maintained. Average usage time is one and a half months.

Are Fashion Nails Useful?

Very long nails usually come to mind when fashion nails are mentioned. However, fashion nails can also be made short. Fashion nails do not cause difficulties in your daily life. In addition, they are useful. We offer fashion nail service that you can use comfortably.

Do Fashion Nails Damage the Nails?

Fashion  nails do not harm the natural nails in any way. The nail may be damaged if it is overdone during the filing process, which is done only to degrease the nail. As long as it is applied correctly, there is no harm. Therefore, if you fashion nail application is made by experts, your nails will not be damaged in any way.

Do Fashion Nails Damage the Natural Nails?

Your nails will not be damaged both during the application and while they are fitted. We are very meticulous in the formulation of your nails. Therefore, the likelihood of damage to your nails is negligible.

Can Fashion Nails Be Made to look like Natural Nails?

The majority of women who want to have their nails done prefer natural looking nails. A clean and natural nail look is very popular. It is possible to have natural looking nails with a fashion nail application.