What is Eyelash Lifting?

The eyelash lifting process, which we have heard about recently, is a kind of permanent make-up application. It is the process of combing the eyelashes backwards with the solution to make them look more curved and voluminous. The eyelashes maintain their voluminous and curly appearance for up to 3 months after the procedure.

Curled and upturned eyelashes that look more voluminous are a must for impressive looks. Long and upturned eyelashes make your gaze look more precise and remarkable. Especially women use cosmetic products to make their eyelashes look more voluminous and curved. Sometimes cosmetic products cannot meet this demand in full. Eyelash curlers can also damage the natural structure of the eyelashes while curling them and the permanence is short-lived. The eyelash lifting process can give the curly eyelashes you dream of.

Especially those who have straight eyelashes and a sparse eyelash structure often prefer eyelash lifting to have more curled eyelashes and effective looks.

How is Lash Lifting done?

The lash lifting process makes your lashes look curled and voluminous for a long time. The application is also very easy.

First we stick a special pad on your eyelashes so that your eyelashes are not damaged by the process. Subsequently , we comb your eyelashes with the solution and comb them backwards for a curved look. Afterwards, we apply the solution again to your lashes, which are combed backwards, to maintain the curled appearance.

In the second step, your back-swept eyelashes are separated with micro rods and given their final shape with gels and solutions. lAfter waiting for about 15-30 minutes, we move on to the last step.

In the last step, we apply a color-giving solution to your eyelashes after the keratin treatment. The process is completed in approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. After the last step, you can have the curly eyelashes you dream of.

Who might Prefer this treatment?

Anyone who wants to have longer and voluminous curled eyelashes can choose the lash lifting application. It is especially preferred by those who have short eyelashes and those who complain about sparse eyelashes.

The process will make your lashes look more voluminous and longer. Having curled eyelashes that complement remarkable looks and impressive eyes is not a dream any more. You can have the impressive looks you dream of with the eyelash lifting process.

Why Should You Have Eyelash Lifting ?

Your looks are very important for the first impression. We all want to have more impressive looks. The way to have impressive eyes is impressive eyelashes.

Due to genetic factors and incorrect cosmetic applications, the eyelashes can sometimes be straight or sparse. You can have the curly eyelashes you dream of with the eyelash lifting process.

How Long Does the Lash Lifting Effect Last?

Although the permanence of the process varies according to the eyelash structure, the effect of eyelash lifting continues for up to 4 months. You should avoid applying mascara for a while after the procedure and not use make-up remover lotion on your eyelashes. Otherwise, the solution could lose its effect.

Try not to rub your eyes after the procedure. Be careful not to press too hard on your eyelashes while cleaning your face. If you do the post-procedure care regularly, you can benefit from the effect of the eyelash lifting application for a longer time.

What is the Difference Between Eyelash Perming and Eyelash Lifting?

The lash lifting process lifts the lashes into the air, making them appear more voluminous, long and curled. The procedure lifts the lashes from root to tip.

In addition to the eyelash perming process, an eyelash curler is used. The curler is used to curl the tips of the eyelashes to make them look more voluminous and curly. The process is clearly visible at the tip of the eyelashes. Eyelash perming creates the illusion of curling the tip of the lashes, not the entire lashes, thus creating a more lifted lash appearance.

What are the Points to Consider Before and After Eyelash Lifting ?

Since the application is a chemical process, it can cause irritation on sensitive skin if it is not done by a competent person. Therefore, the eyelashes should be cleaned so that there is no make-up residue before the application to avoid a reaction to the process. The procedure can be started once the application area is sterile.

Eye make-up should not be applied for the first 12 hours after the lash lifting procedure. Otherwise, the permanence of the procedure can decrease and the eyes will become sensitive on the first day after the procedure and react to make-up. There is no harm in applying eye make-up 12 hours after the procedure.

It is recommended that you clean your make-up without rubbing your eyes too much to ensure the longevity of the application. Likewise, as long as you do not apply too much pressure to your eyelashes while cleaning your face, the permanence of the process will increase.

What are the Benefits of Eyelash Lifting?

It can be difficult to shape the eyelashes to the desired form, especially due to genetic factors. Eyelash curlers can break the eyelashes and mascara can cause unwanted eyelash shedding. The lash lifting application shapes the lashes to the desired form more permanently.

The application makes the lashes look more curled and voluminous. Since the roots of the eyelashes are covered with a protective pad during the procedure, the eyelashes continue to breathe and there is no unwanted shedding. It is now very easy to achieve more curvy and voluminous eyelashes with the eyelash lifting application.

How Long does the Lash Lifting Method last?

Under normal conditions, the permanence of the eyelash lifting process continues for up to 4 months. This period can be extended or shortened by genetic factors, eyelash care after the application and the correct application of the procedure.

Although there is no exact time for the permanence of the method, you can enjoy your eyelashes that look long and curled for up to 4 months depending on your eyelash structure and correct application.

Does the procedure harm my eyelashes or eyes?

Although eyelash lifting is an easy and effective process, it should not be forgotten that it is a chemical process. As with any chemical process, it can damage your eyelashes or eyes if sterile conditions are not provided and the procedure is applied incorrectly.

If the treated environment or materials are not sterile, if your eyes are allergic, and if an incorrect application is made, your eyes and eyelashes can be damaged.

Therefore, take care to cleanse your eyelashes completely from make-up before having the procedure.

Is Lash Lifting Harmful to Eyelashes?

Shedding and thinning can be encountered in eyelashes that have been subjected to an erroneous procedure. If the procedure is applied correctly by a competent person, the eyelash lifting process does not incur damage to eyelashes.

Who Should Avoid Eyelash Lifting?

Since eyelash lifting is a permanent make-up application carried out by chemical means, it should not be applied to those with problematic and sensitive eyelashes. The application could be inappropriate as it may cause a reaction in sensitive eyelashes.

If you have allergic and sensitive eyes and if your eyelashes have reacted as a result of a previous procedure, eyelash lifting is not recommended. People with sensitive eyes should obtain detailed information before the procedure.

What are the Side Effects of Eyelash Lifting?

The lash lifting application has no long-term side effects. However, if you have sensitive skin, you might experience redness and watering in your eyes for the first 12 hours after the application. You can consult a doctor if an unexpected reaction occurs on your eyelashes after the procedure which does remedy itself for a long time,.

Otherwise, eyelash lifting has no known side effects as long as you do not neglect post-procedure care.

Eyelash Lifting Prices 2024

Procedure prices vary according to various factors. You can contact our clinic to get the most accurate information about current eyelash lifting prices.