What is Cheek filler?

Cheek filler turkey, is applied in a very professional way with filling materials developed and used to remedy volume losses in the cheeks. Nowadays, non-surgical aesthetic procedures have started to be preferred more and more every day because they include comfortable and practical applications. The cheeks, which make up a large part of the face, are the most important sign of looking attractive and desirable.

Shapely and smooth cheeks make the person look aesthetically pleasing and attractive. Cheeks, one of the most important signs of looking young and beautiful, lose their lively and flexible appearance with aging. Thus, a tired and old look appears on the face.

The filling material needed by the cheek is transferred to the hollow areas of the cheek with the injection technique. This way, sagging cheeks are pulled upwards with cheek aesthetics. Filling material is used until the ideal cheek fullness is achieved, and the patient starts looking  cheeky and cheerful.


Cheek Filler Turkey


How is Cheek filler done?

Cheek aesthetics is the primary procedure applied by people who have congenitally hollow cheeks and people who have lost their cheek volume. Medical aesthetic specialists who perform professional procedures can remedy this complaint. The experience of the specialist is important for the success of the new image. Anesthetic cream is used before cheek filler.

Subsequently, specially prepared hyaluronic acid substance is injected into the cheek area. The aim is to give the face a firm and distinctive form. Hollow cheeks are corrected by injecting filling material into the cheeks to bring about the desired change. In addition, once the cheeks are filled, wrinkles are also eliminated. After cheek aesthetics, the face gains an attractive and curvy shape.

Who are candidates for Cheek filler?

Voluminous cheeks that adapt to the facial contours are possible with cheek aesthetics today. This aesthetic application can be applied to all men and women. Cheek filler is applied to people who have congenitally hollow cheeks and those who want to remedy cheeks that have sagged with aging. Hollow cheeks are filled with hyaluronic acid-containing filler and the cheeks gain a distinctive and shapely form.

Things to Know Before Cheek filler

People who want to have cheek fillers should first get support from our BBM clinic, which provides professional service in this regard. The experience of the esthetician is important for the successful new look. During the preliminary interview with the doctor before the filling, the person should clearly express his expectations.

In addition, people who want to have cheek filler should know whether they are allergic to the filling material. People who will have cheek fillers should inform the doctor about the medication they use and stop taking anticoagulants one week before the procedure.

After Cheek filler

After the cheek filler process, which is a reliable and comfortable application, is completed, people can continue their daily lives. During this period, an ice compress can be applied to the cheek area to prevent swelling and redness. Since the cheek area will be sensitive after the filling processes, it should be protected against external impacts. In addition, it is necessary to avoid sports and exercises that strain the body.

How Long Does Cheek filler Aesthetics Last?

The experience of the doctor is very important in cheek aesthetics. Experienced doctors who gain speed in this regard complete the filling application within 25-30 minutes. During the procedure, the comfort of the patient is ensured at a high level. Anesthetic cream is used so that the patient does not feel discomfort.

How Many Times Can Cheek filler Aesthetics Be Repeated?

Having full and attractive cheeks is the dream of every woman. Therefore, many women request cheek aesthetics to get rid of hollow cheeks. However, the filling material used for cheek filler is not permanent. The substance starts to be absorbed in the body after a certain time. Luckily, people can have cheek filler again. There is no harm in repeating cheek filler.

What are the Effects of Cheek Fillers?

The most important effect of cheek filler is to create a meaningful and shapely face. After the applications, hollow cheeks are filled, the cheekbones become more prominent and fuller cheeks are achieved. This helps women to find themselves aesthetically more attractive and desirable. Thus, their self-confidence is boosted when they look in the mirror. Thanks to cheek filler, fine lines on the face are eliminated and a youthful appearance is obtained.

The perception of beauty changes day by day. Therefore, new techniques and applications are used in line with the needs of people. Especially aesthetic procedures that do not require surgical intervention are attracting more and more attention every day. Cheek aesthetics is preferred by people with sagging or hollow cheeks.

The cheeks are made fuller with filling materials used to eliminate this structural defect on the face. This has a great role in reshaping and forming the cheeks. Rounded cheeks are tightened with fillers. This makes the person look younger and have a more meaningful facial expression by eliminating the fine lines on the face.

How Permanent is Cheek filler?

Filling materials used in medical aesthetics are substances that exist in the body. Hyaluronic acid-containing components, especially used in cheek filler, nourish the skin and keep it moist. Specially prepared fillers are transferred to the cheek area with the help of small and finely flown injections.

The permanence of this procedure is between 6 months and 1 year. So cheek filler is not a permanent application. Therefore, this application can be repeated after it loses its effect.

How Long Does Cheek filler Maintain its Permanence?

Filling materials used in medical aesthetics are substances that exist in the body. Hyaluronic acid-containing components, especially used in cheek filler, nourish the skin and keep it moist. Specially prepared fillers are transferred to the cheek area with the help of small and fine-tipped injectors.

The permanence of this procedure is between 6 months and 1 year. So cheek filler is not a permanent application. However, the procedure can be repeated after it loses its effect.

How Much Filling Material Should Be Injected into the Cheek Area?

Cheek filler applied by medical aesthetic specialists is primarily determined according to the needs of the patient. Before the process, both sides are photographed and the amount of filling material needed by the person is determined from the photograph.

Subsequently, the filling material prepared with hyaluronic acid is injected into the cheeks in a controlled manner. This process continues until the desired full and shapely cheeks are obtained. Cheek filler is applied mostly in line with the expectations of the patient.

Cheeks play a major role in giving the face a beautiful and meaningful expression. Present day technologies make it is possible to have voluminous aesthetic cheeks. Cheek filler treatment is applied by experienced professionals in accordance with the symmetry of the face. Deformations and fine lines in the cheeks are eliminated with the treatment method to accommodate the expectations of the patient.

Cheek filler Prices 2024

Medical aesthetic applications are more economical than surgical procedures. This is why many people today prefer medical aesthetic methods more. Accordingly, one of the most requested procedures is cheek filler. Cheek filler is a personalized treatment that is done to add a meaningful expression to the face and give the cheeks a distinctive and firm form.

The price of the procedure is a major matter of curiosity to those who want to have cheek filler done. However, those who are involved in researching prices can get the most accurate information from the clinics that offer this service. The preferred clinic and the experience of the doctor play a decisive role in the manifestation of different prices. In addition, the amount and quality of the filling material used in cheek filler is also an important criterion in terms of price in 2024.