Fue Hair Transplant Turkey

Fue hair transplant is a type of aesthetic operation, which offers a definite solution to baldness and is highly preferred today. Baldness is a disorder that occurs in both men and women with the effect of hormones, genetic factors and age. Hair loss causes self-confidence problems in individuals and reduces the quality of life. Hair transplantation is the treatment method that fulfills the needs of those who seek to remedy such cases.

Fue hair transplantation technique is a frequently used hair transplantation technique. Fue stands for follicular unit extraction. This method is the first treatment that comes to mind when hair transplantation is mentioned. It is an application preferred and performed by almost all aesthetic surgeons. Although it is performed by many plastic surgeons, the success rate of the procedure is not commensurate with the high number of procedures that are carried out.

The most important feature of Fue hair transplant turkey is that no incision is made on the scalp. Since there is no incision on the scalp, the healing process is greatly accelerated. Since there will be no scars from incisions and wounds at the end of the procedure, the patient can return to his daily life faster. This is why Fue hair transplantation is one of the most preferred method by patients.

How is Fue Hair Transplantation Done?

The roots of hair are extracted one by one from the donor area and transplanted in the desired area in the Fue hair transplantation method. Hair follicles taken from the donor area are transplanted individually to the recipient area, not in bulk. Therefore, transplanting the hair root takes much longer than other hair transplantation methods.

Under the present conditions, this hair transplantation method is performed with a micromotor technique rather than punches. Since the Fue hair transplant method is a highly preferred procedure, it is of great importance that it is applied by a specialist healthcare team. Otherwise, the result can be an appearance that has nothing to do with aesthetics.

Who is suitable for Fue Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is performed on individuals whose hair has thinned, whose hair does not recover despite all efforts and on the contrary, increases over time. This procedure can be performed on anyone except babies and the elderly. Individuals who are not suitable for this hair transplantation procedure can try to revitalize their hair with various hair treatments. These efforts and treatments differ according to the scalp and hair structure. The person should search for the most appropriate care method for himself and apply it accordingly. It is not right to apply the V-Process to individuals who do not have an adequate donor area to close their bald area.

Fue Hair Transplantation Methods

A highly developed version of the manually applied Fue technique is Micro Fue hair transplantation. In this hair transplantation technique, hair roots are extracted with equipment with micro tips.

Micro motors are used in this technique, which has very small tips. Micro tips operate on the principle of creating holes ranging from 0.6 to 0.9 mm. Micro circles are opened on the hairy skin surface, the hair follicle and the tissues around the root surface of the hair are separated and revealed.

Another Fue hair transplantation method is the Sapphire FUE Fue hair transplantation. As is the case with the Micro Fue hair transplantation method, this is not actually a method in the full sense of the word. They are innovations that are associated with the Fue hair transplantation technique.

The difference that distinguishes the Sapphire fue technique from the other one is that the tips used are made of sapphire instead of metal. It is an ideal method as it is very effective in the formation of more micro-chambers on the scalp and less crusting on the surface. Another Fue hair transplantation method is the Soft Fue transplantation. This method is also considered a sub-innovation. In this application  the relaxation of the patient is ensured with the support of drugs called sedation used in the hair transplantation application, but he maintains consciousness . The procedure is carried out while the patient is conscious and feels no pain.

Before Fue Hair Transplantation

  • There are some steps that should be done and applied before hair transplantation. Whichever method is preferred, these steps must be applied.
  • Consultation: At this stage, the doctor examines the patient in detail and determines the hairline.
  • Preparation: This stage is applied on the day of hair transplantation. It covers the sterilization of the procedure area and sedation.
  • Extraction: the grafts are extracted from the location with the hair follicles.
  • Groove opening: It is the presence of the hair transplantation line on the skin surface and the opening of the correct channels so that the hair can grow naturally from this area.
  • Transplantation: at this stage the grafts are placed on the recipient skin surfaces perpendicular to the hair direction.

In addition, if you have decided to go ahead with this procedure, you should stop smoking if you are a smoker at least one week before the procedure. You must also quit alcohol.

You should not consume herbal teas such as green tea for a week before the hair transplantation procedure. If you have a chronic disease and you are using medication for this disease, you should definitely inform your doctor about the medications you are using to the person who will perform the operation.

You should not use anticoagulants, multivitamins. These drugs can increase bleeding. Do not apply chemical products such as creams, lotions, etc. on your scalp. Do not wear an outfit with a tight or narrow collar on the day of the procedure.

Fue Hair Transplantation Recommendations

Fue hair transplantation is one of the most frequently used methods among hair transplantation procedures. The main advantage of this technique is that the roots extracted from the skin surface one by one do not leave any traces and deformities in the future.

It is very important that no telltale traces are left by extracted roots in the donor area. In fact, since the roots removed from the skin surface are quite small, the scars will disappear spontaneously between 24 or 48 hours at the latest. This means that the healing is completed which has made this technique so popular.

Crusting occurs on the skin in the areas where hair transplantation has been performed. The two days after planting is called the recovery phase. No external supplements are taken during this recovery phase. On the third day, the hair of the person who has had a hair transplantation can be washed and maintained.

In approximately 10 days on average, the crusts in the areas where hair transplantation has been performed fall off and the healing phase is completed in a healthy way. Fue hair transplantation is a highly demanded and recommended technique, both with the rapid return of the individual to his daily life after the procedure and the rapidness of  the recovery process.

Things to Know After Fue Hair Transplantation

After the Fue hair transplantation technique is preferred in hair transplantation, the recovery phase completely varies from person to person. The phases of redness, itching, crusting and intense shedding on the scalp, which start on the day of the hair transplantation procedure and continue for about 10-15 days, are fully completed at the end of 1 year. Within a few days after Fue hair transplantation, individuals can return to their daily life and start work.

Staying at home in very cold and very sunny weather is recommended because hats should not be worn. The hair transplanted within 15 days after the operation should be given great care and attention. The grafts either adhere to the scalp or become fixed within a maximum of 9 days. At the end of this period, the hair either gets rooted and gains volume and is fixed on the scalp, or the roots loosen and start to fall out. The transplanted hair starts to fall out within 2 and maximum 8 weeks, this is called shock shedding. However, there is no cause for alarm, in a few months, hair growth is seen in the roots again. Almost all patients have positive results between 6 and 9 months after the procedure.

Comments by those who have had Fue Hair Transplantation

Since the full efficiency result is obtained at the end of an average of 1 year in the hair transplantation stage, the comments on the social media and the web pages of the clinics where the application will be performed are very important for those who want to have this procedure.

Which method will be preferred by individuals who want to have this procedure, their recovery processes, and the success rate of the clinic constitute a process that confuses individuals. However, Fue hair transplantation is in more demand than other techniques. The rapid recovery process and the fact that it does not interrupt daily activities increases the demand.

Those who have hair transplantation mostly prefer Istanbul. Since our country is among the best countries in the world in Fue hair transplantation technique, the number of people who have hair transplantation in our country is increases day by day. The important thing is that the procedure delivers an aesthetic hair transplantation, therefore those who want a hair transplantation prefer clinics that are competent. Individuals who achieved the hair they dreamed of after a period of 1 year state that they sincerely recommend this technique.

Is FUE hair transplant permanent?

There are 2 types of procedures most commonly used in hair transplantation. FUE and FUT methods are designed as a permanent solution to hair loss. The FUT method is much less preferred than the FUE method.

How much is a hair transplant in Turkey?

In Turkey, the world’s hair transplant capital, an FUE hair transplant costs between $1600 and $4,000.

How much does 1000 grafts cost in Turkey?

1600$ US Dollars

On average, 3000 to 4000 grafts are used in hair transplantation. Of course, this number can be used as 5000 grafts in some clinics. For example, the average cost of 1000 grafts used in hair transplantation in Turkey has been updated as 1600 US Dollars. For 5000 grafts, there is a cost of 5000 US dollars.

Is Turkey good for hair transplant?

Turkey is the best option in the world for hair transplantation. The best team and the best doctors are trained here. If you want to have a quality hair transplant, you should choose Turkey. The fact that the hospitals in Turkey are A quality and that their hotels provide A quality service is one of the reasons for choosing Turkey.

Fue Hair Transplantation Prices 2024

Hair loss, baldness is one of the most concerning issues for contemporary people. Individuals who have reached an advanced level of hair loss and become bald start to research and shop around for hair transplantation clinics.

The Fue technique is one of the most demanded procedures in hair transplantation. In this technique, hair follicles are extracted from the nape of the individuals and implanted into the bald area one by one. It is a process that takes a long time. Since the hair follicles on the nape are neutral to testosterone, hair loss on the nape is uncommon. Therefore, the hair follicles on the nape are the strongest hair follicles.

Since the success rate of the Fue hair transplant technique is higher than other techniques, those who are considering an operation prefer this technique more. Many clinics and healthcare professionals who are experts in many fields apply this technique. If you are considering Fue hair transplantation and want to get price information, the best way is to go to the clinic that you think is suitable for you and get a clear price after the necessary examinations are made by the health personnel who are experts in their work. Since each individual’s hair root structure, shedding status and baldness status vary, the most accurate price for you will be revealed after the necessary examinations are made by qualified health professionals.

Hair transplantation has a positive impact on people’s perspectives about themselves in terms of both improving your physical appearance and creating a positive effect on your social life. You can have the abundant and voluminous hair you want with the Fue hair transplantation process, thanks to current technology and extremely comfortable facilities.

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